SOLD! – Chill in Creases (Cigar Ladies 2) 24×48


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*Purchase this painting by May 31st and $296 will be donated directly to charity*.The series “Strength in Creases” was created to celebrate and honor our collective hope for and fear of getting older. Especially as women, we have been conditioned to believe that our beauty, and therefore – our worth, decreases as we become older. “Strength in Creases” aims to challenge that notion. Although we fear wrinkles on our cheeks or crow’s feet around our eyes, they are actually gorgeous, visual representations of the experiences that have shaped our lives. The memories we were fortunate to form, the friendships we were able to make, the joys that fluttered through our hearts and the sorrows we were able to grow through. As each year passes and we notice more “creases” on our faces, let’s take a moment to celebrate all the beauty that increases as these gorgeous shapes and lines deepen. The laughter, the joy, the friendships, the love, the memories, the connection. If you are fortunate enough to have developed some wrinkles on your face, take a moment to thank them. Without the time they represent, how many beautiful experiences would be missing from your life?