Hi, I'm Christina

I’m Christina Carmel - your heart-fueled artist here on a renegade mission to make artwork that speaks to your soul, elevates your self-love, reconnects you with humankind and reminds you of the magic of meaning. 

Because you have enough clutter cramping your style, home and spirit. Now it’s time to do our part to make a meaningful mark on the world with art that invites more healing into our hearts.

You’ve soaked up the short story. Keep scrolling for the saga.

The Long(er) Version 👇🏼

My origin story

My first commission was of two canines. I painted them in scarves and leather jackets (a decision I stand by to this day) and their family agreed that they were absolutely glorious. 

But even then, I didn’t see myself as a ‘real’ artist. 

Art had always been my faithful sidekick; the ever-constant stress-reliever I turned to almost subconsciously when I needed to unwind, relax, feel and heal. 

But art wasn’t my full-time gig. 

I was Christina, for pete’s sake. I was the peacemaker; the little loving one who gave her all to a career in special education. 

And I was where I was meant to be: Directly and positively impacting marginalized groups. Which meant I was achieving my life purpose, right?

Except … after a lifetime of feeding my starving creativity with a lifeline of absent-minded doodles on electricity bills and careless scribbles on restaurant napkins, painting those dogs felt like coming home. 

So, stroke by stroke, I allowed art to take up more space in my life. 

Just a little. Not too much. 

I accepted commissions on the side, carefully labeling my art as a ‘hobby’, not a career. Because even if I did decide to release my art from its self-enforced prison, I wasn’t convinced people would get, let alone love, what I created. 

I longed to paint the realness, rawness, intimacy and diversity of humankind. I wanted to celebrate the people typically left out of mainstream conversation – and I worried nobody would  really care about art like that. 

And so I spent mornings crying in my car before school started; wasting my evenings by being exhausted and overwhelmed as I failed to be emotionally present for my wife, friends, family and myself. 

Don’t get me wrong; special education is a rewarding and enriching career. Helping little minds grow is one of the most magical and meaningful pursuits one can embark on. 

But we’re all beautifully unique. And if I learned one thing from my career in special education, it’s that what works for one, hinders another. And I was a snowflake melting in the desert. And after around seven and a half years, I had hit my limit. 

Then one day, I just did it. 

I summoned up all my brave and decided to give my art career a proper shot. No more hiding behind the title of ‘hobby’; I was going to do this art adventure for real. 

Other than a speck of savings, the unconditional love of my wife and my (almost) unstoppable willpower, I was falling without a safety net to catch me. And I’d never felt freer. 

I was an art noob – totally self-taught and completely self-educated. But I quickly learned how to apply for art shows around the valley, building a website and creating a social media presence that felt like me. 

I started sharing my work and telling the stories behind them. 

And every time someone would come to a show and stand in front of my art with tears in their eyes, I knew I’d made the right decision. 

I always knew I was put on this earth to make a difference in people’s lives. It just took me a while to realize that I was meant to be doing it through my art.

I believe art is supposed to connect – not confuse - us. I don’t want you to wade, knee-deep, through fancy art world jargon, nervously scratching your head as you try to figure out what in the world the art is about . 

‘Cause it’s simple: My art is about us. 

It’s a reflection of you, celebrating the beauty of realness by telling our collective stories of life, love, loss, hope and humanity. 

It’s your inner battle when you question your sexuality. It’s someone that looks like you, represented in art for the first time. It’s the reminder of someone you love. It’s the aspects of yourself you’ve always loathed; now celebrated and rightly highlighted as beautiful, worthy, enough. 

It’s us. Unafraid. Unfiltered. Unstoppable.

Absolutely Amazing! Christina painted a picture of our 4 grandchildren and it is perfect. Looking at the painting takes me back to the very moment the picture she painted from was taken. The joy in their faces is the joy of that exact second of time. Having Christina do a painting is more than just the final product. She kept me informed the whole way with pictures of the progress. She let me visit the studio so we could discuss exactly what I wanted in the picture, what was exactly how I wanted it, and what wasn’t quite right. She asked questions about the kids, the family, the situation so she could really understand us so she could make the picture perfectly retell the moment. That’s why she was able to capture not just the scene but the emotion. She asked for closeup pictures of faces so she could get the eyes, hair, and every detail right down to their dimples perfect.She’s the best!

We received one of Christina’s paintings as a wedding present and were so blown away by the realistic qualities. Little details like my own hands. Something I look at everyday and know so well she was able to capture so accurately. I was equally moved by the impressionistic qualities of the piece’s stylistic whimsy like Christina’s playful use of color and the painting’s movement from her soft brush stroke style. It is truly the most special gift we received.

In the day and age of technologically enhanced art, it is incredibly refreshing to see art with such vibrant personality, imagination, and realism that is created from nothing but a brain and a paintbrush. Christina has an uncanny ability to recreate your favorite photo while breathing brand new life into it at the same time. Her creative use of color schemes and brush strokes ensure that your painting is YOURS and not a cookie-cutter recreation of your favorite photo. I commissioned Christina to paint a picture of my favorite athlete, LeBron James. There's no doubt thousands of paintings of LeBron around the globe, but there certainly isn't one close to mine, and that feeling is quite special. Professionally speaking, Christina completed my commission in a very timely manner, frequently sent me updates of the progress, and always asked if I had any suggestions for improvement (I didn't have any). If you're on the fence about whether or not you should spend the money to commission Christina to make your favorite picture come to life, get off the fence, do yourself a favor and do it. There's an overwhelmingly great feeling knowing that you possess something that nobody else in the world has.

My husband and I fell in love with Christina Carmel’s paintings at Phoenix Pride this year so much so that when we bought one of her “She Series”, “SHEar Power”, we completely redecorated our entire bedroom around her! We also plan to do a commission from Christina very soon. 😊 Christina is beautiful inside and out and our story of meeting her and being able to wake up everyday to one of her paintings is truly priceless!

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. My belief.....MUCH more than that!  There is also a story behind every picture.  And what Christina captured for me, is much more than meets the eye.  She not only impeccably portrayed my raw emotions in that very moment, but helped me realize an AWAKENING in me that had been strengthening for years.  Christina, THANK YOU for truly hearing my story and reminding me that SELF LOVE and SELF CARE, must come first. Before all else! I am eternally grateful to you for gracing my portrait with your love, beautiful spirit and soul! I love you Teeny, my forever soul sister 💞✨

I LOVE Christina’s work. It’s so honest and REAL. Her work is s true representation of women and people in society. She doesn’t paint what a stereotypical society thinks people should look like, who they should love, or what an “ideal” look of happiness is. I bought her CEO painting and it is by far one of the most exquisite pieces I’ve ever had. She portrayed the strong black woman in a simple, colorful, and breathtaking way. This painting is how I see myself, and I thank her for creating it. She’s AMAZING!

I’ve commissioned Christina for two paintings, and will continue to use her for any time I need new artwork! I am in love with her signature, colorful style. She is very communicative throughout the process and sent process updates throughout so I could let her know if I wanted any adjustments - but she was so great I never needed to make any! Thank you Christina for your beautiful work, my whole family loves it!

Christina is an amazing artist who so perfectly captures the relationships, thoughts and feelings of the subjects in her paintings. We own her piece "Finally." She is great to work with, is very quick to respond to messages and is very flexible in working with clients who want to bring her pieces home!

There is so much life in Christina's art! The way Christina captures the essence of these amazing figures is beyond beautiful and more than eye-catching. The colors are on another level! Christina is an incredible human being and her passion for people shows through her awe-inspiring talent. I'm a proud owner of a beautiful and powerful piece painted by Christina and cannot wait to be the owner of more. Christina's work is not to be missed and she can do custom orders too!

JennSheaAZ JessieRead more Google reviews

Excited to be the proud owner of a Christina Carmel piece that I’ve been admiring and finally purchased. Cannot wait to have “Cigar Ladies” framed and in the house, it brings so much fun energy to any space it occupies and is hard to pass without smiling. Highly recommend checking out Christina’s collections, powerful art that possesses an uplifting spirit and is visually captivating.

Christina is not just an incredibly gifted artist, she’s an incredible human being.  My commissioned painting of me and my precious cat that recently passed is my most treasured possession. The way she was able to capture our special bond and love made my heart just feel like it was exploding.  I truly didn’t know what to expect but any expectations I may have had were completely surpassed. She made certain she had every detail perfected.  Christina puts her whole heart and soul into her work and that is why it’s extra special. Highly recommend her for any painting you may want.

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