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I know there are many options when it comes to choosing a custom portrait artist. I also understand how precious this project is to you, so I am truly grateful you have come this far. When partnering with Artist Christina Carmel, you get to work directly with me. No faceless photo upload systems or large corporations managing hundreds of artists. At Artist Christina Carmel, its just me and you, creating your masterpiece. I take the time to understand the reason behind your project, and want to know why it is close to your heart. Let’s create something beautiful together.

Custom Portraits


Includes 1 person.


Includes 1-2 people.


Includes 1-2 people.


Includes 1-2 people.


Includes 1-2 people.

Other sizes available upon request.

All prices include FREE SHIPPING to US addresses. Additional faces/figures +$300-$400 each. Detailed backgrounds or other detail requests (hands etc.) will be priced on a per-project basis.

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Let's create something beautiful together.